I know we wrote the last episode at the same time as the first and love it and all that but its been nine seasons, don’t you think we should update it?
Series finale review: 'How I Met Your Mother' - 'Last Forever'


anyway, Sepinwall’s review is perfect, go read it.

I was going to post this too Catie!!

Anyway, I am not a Sepinwall fan, but he occasionally gets it very, very right, and this is that moment. I too remember when this was a bubble show and there was a genuine sense of urgency every time network renewals started up for the viewers to make it clear that the show was well-liked and had an ardent fanbase dedicated to spreading its charms to the rest of the world.

So with that background—that there was a time when this show was always on the verge of cancellation, and everyone who argued and posted and voted and begged for its continuation became a part of this juggernaut, that we were part of the gang, that we put in the time, that this show was something we made happen, and understanding that Sepinwall was perhaps the critical voice that supported HIMYM—this is not just a review of a bad finale to a show that aired too long, but the review of a bad finale to a show that went on too long by someone who not just annoyed, but angry, and hurt. There is a real sense of betrayal in this review, and I think that would be a fair reaction anyway, but then Sepinwall goes above and beyond and breaks it down into a bunch of points, works through the probable logical reasoning for why the show went the way it did, and before you can think he’s giving Carter & Bays an out, he goes on to point out all the ways they could have gotten themselves out of it.

Just a really good look from Sepinwall, here. A must-read.

Sepinwall gets it so right. The series finale was just so fucking disappointing. 

These guys all need to get over themselves with these usernames.

These guys all need to get over themselves with these usernames.

This guy is such a douchebag.

This guy is such a douchebag.

It’s long been lamented that women in comedy are often portrayed as male projections of the role they see women filling in their lives: the nagging wife or girlfriend (Claire on Modern Family), a hot unattainable woman (Penny on Big Bang Theory), the revered manic pixie dream girl (Jess on New Girl). But Broad City defies these characterizations; it’s a show that normalizes female failure, confusion, and sexuality as real. They make themselves look weird, ugly, stupid, sexy, wild, or boring, sometimes all within one episode.

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